A good training solution enables more effective dissemination of knowledge. On the basis of the characteristics of the target group, we develop customised solutions which support modern learning.


Want to build a platform for all your educational needs – an Academy of information? We offer educational and technical guidance throughout the process. Our services include everything from planning and production to distribution and follow-up. An Academy is a cost-effective way of improving standards of quality and service and it will help your business expand on a global market. The Academy will also strengthen your brand by providing the right knowledge to the right people.


With self-study courses published online, training can be conducted at a distance, and at a time which suits the course participant best. We tailor the content to the target group or the individual’s prior knowledge and training goals. Together with you, we can create a structure which gives optimal, cost-effective training.

Material for teacher-led training

For advanced knowledge where face-to-face meeting is important, teacher-led training is unsurpassed. Even traditional teaching can be developed, and here we offer a range of smart solutions based on our high level of skill and long experience in this field. Together, we can create effective and engaging training material.

Product-oriented learning

For products, merchandise or services, a need often arises to reach out with new knowledge aimed at retailers, service personnel or end users. The teaching method is often relatively uniform, and the effort has a direct effect. We have the ability to familiarise ourselves with the area of expertise and meet such challenges in order to quickly convey new information and knowledge.

Behaviour-oriented learning

Today’s training deals increasingly with soft values such as training in procedures, changes in ways of working or responses. Here, the expectations are that the target group will be influenced to modify their behaviour over time. For these training initiatives, a blend of teaching methods is a good solution.

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

A learning management system is basically a website where you can administer course participants and distribute course modules. The aim is to make training more efficient and to follow up what the course participants have learned (statistics and certification). The course participants can, for their part (via the learning management system) access their courses, see their status and print out their certificates. We can create your learning management system with the graphic design you want and the functional customisations that meet your needs.

Our Skills

We have experts in learning who can help with the whole chain, from analysing your needs to producing and delivering a solution which achieves the desired result. Our trained teachers work on developing a customised script in close cooperation with you as the client. In addition, our behavioural scientists and game developers can add elements that take the learning to the next level.
Our subject experts, in everything from technology to pedagogy, guarantee that the subject matter is preserved by combining experience with a passionate interest in technology and an ability to quickly familiarise themselves with your products and services.