Produkt_symbol-03Product Information

Good information enhances the experience of your products and your customers’ satisfaction. We help you to create effective instructions and ensure that the information can be effectively published and re-used.


The first impression is decisive. For this reason, it is important that the customer has clear instructions to help them start using their new product. We help you to create everything from Quick Guides to detailed instructions in the form of text and graphics.


Good instructions provide a basis for using and maintaining the product effectively and safely. They also contribute to enhancing the experience of the product and customers’ satisfaction. We help you to create a structure and clear contents. Naturally, we also take account of market directives concerning health and safety requirements.




Offering clear repair instructions for your products gives you a competitive advantage. Repairs correctly carried out mean fewer complaints and reduced need for support. They also result in the customers using your methods, tools and spare parts.

Spare Parts

We help you to create and customise your spare parts information. We can also give tips, advice and decision support concerning how the information can be managed and published.



Our Skills

We are constantly monitoring and evaluating new methods of creating, storing and publishing information. This is why we are at the cutting edge when it comes to the effective production and re-use of images, texts and translations.

We can also help with strategic services such as surveys to clarify target groups, highlight the need for information and facilitate the prioritisation of information production.

Our project managers and technical information designers have good technical understanding and can quickly grasp basic functional principles. Naturally, we always place great importance on customising the information to the target group and ensuring that it fulfils applicable regulations. We can take a fresh look at your product information.