Images create a clarity which transcends language barriers. If you are facing the challenge of explaining a solution or function, a visualization from us is a good option.

Technical Illustration

A simple but informative illustration is often sufficient to describe a step in a set of instructions. With additions such as arrows or numbering, a great deal can be conveyed by a single image. We create illustrations with 2D graphics or from CAD documents in 3D.


It can be a challenge to arrange a photo which creates the right feeling and depicts the intended environment. Drawings offer flexibility and a homogenous image style. They also make it possible to anonymise people or products which are not intended to be associated with the specific situation or event.



3D Animations

Our 3D animations make your message educational and clear. If correctly produced, a 3D animation has a broad range of applications: for instructions, for training or for marketing purposes. It is also a long-term solution, as it can easily be updated if changes are made to the product.

Photorealistic 3D

On the basis of 3D models with lighting and materials, we can effectively create photorealistic images. This also makes it possible to visualise your product even at the prototype stage, in different environments and with different colours.



Realtime 3D

With the support of technology already available in mobile telephones and computers, you can integrate and determine the conditions for your 3D experience. This makes it possible, for example, to configure or dismantle products in great detail. The technology can also be used to visualise larger environments.

Virtual Reality – VR

We take you into the world of 3D, where interaction between products and people is reality. With an enhanced understanding of how technology should be used, there are almost no limitations. Training which is difficult to organise can now be carried out in a virtual environment where people all round the world can take part. This saves time and money – and is also better for the environment.



Augmented Reality – AR

Augmented Reality makes it possible to see reality and, at the same time, enhance it with information which enables us to interact with it. The technology itself can identify where you are and show you the information you need for instance to carry out a task.

Our Skills

Technological development in the field of visualisation is accelerating and offering greater and greater possibilities. We can see a clear trend towards information being conveyed to an ever greater extent through images. We follow these developments actively and are at the cutting edge of new services related to visualisation.

Creating a good visualisation also needs a human mind. We think it is important to bring in a sense of aesthetics, form and colour. Our graphic artists have the training and experience needed for good results. Effective visualisation work requires continuous work with processes, tools and technologies.