Instructional Design

Knowledge is perishable. The shelf life of expertise is limited because new technologies, products, and services continually pour into the marketplace. People and companies must constantly renew, replenish, expand, and create more knowledge. With several years of experience in e-learning production, we will help you produce tailor-made learning solutions directly aimed at your target audience.

We are your strategic partner for tomorrow’s digital learning.


Does your organization promote learning new skills?

Whether you want to renew your existing courses, develop new skills in your team or implement change in your organizational culture, we are here for you. We will help you turn theory into action through responsive and accessibility-adapted digital solutions. Our consultants are educators, linguists, and communication specialists ready to design a user-friendly and pedagogical learning strategy, custom tailored for you and your company.

Course Production

Knowledge shared is knowledge squared

E-learning courses are informative, simple and flexible. They give you and your employees the opportunity to transform theoretical information into practical competence through digital, interactive exercises.

Our instructional designers will help you produce your e-learning from start to finish, from need’s analysis, and pedagogical approach, to copywriting and graphic design. With help from several different production tools, we create adaptable and responsive learning solutions that matches your purpose and need.

Learning Management System

In order to provide your employees with new knowledge in a modern and proactive way, strategy and technology need to work together in an ecosystem. That is why we offer our LMS, Sparkfore, which aims to simplify digital learning in your organization.

Sparkfore is easy to use, efficient thanks to automatic functions, secure through encryption and your data is never shared with any third parties. When you buy Sparkfore, you will receive guidance on starting up, launching, and refining your learning venture.

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Our Customers

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