The manufacturing industry comprises many different companies. Here you will find everything from the small family-run company that produces one or just a few products, to smart factories that with Industry 4.0 have taken the step into digitalization. Common to both is that they need easy-to-understand documentation and learning platforms to reduce the strain on customer support, and guarantee flexibility and equal education for all their operators.

Regardless the size of your company or the product you produce, Autotech has a vast experience from the manufacturing industry. We can provide you with selective measures, such as quickly producing selective documentation – from idea to publication. Or we can fulfil more long term needs through creating strategy models for your company’s publications of technical information. We also provide support on larger development projects, for example with the pedagogical shape of GUI’s or with custom solutions on our learning platform Sparkfore, completely customized for your company’s needs and requirements.

Within the industry, a phrase commonly used is “the fourth industrial revolution” or “industry 4.0 which refers to having taken the digitalized development to the next level. Pivotal are terms such as artificial intelligence (AI), data processing in real-time and of course, digitalization, where manufacturing data is gathered and presented in a digital format. The information can be used in many ways, one example is working proactive in terms of maintenance and repairs.

Our services within the manufacturing industry

Digital product information

Product installation information

Technical plant documentation

E-learning and education


 Some of our clients in the manufacturing industry 

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