The need for accessible information is increasing in modern society. Simultaneously, our patience to consume information is becoming increasingly shorter. Visual communication is often described as the most efficient way to convey a message. Images and graphics break language barriers and create clarity that provides minimal space for misinterpretation.

We can visualise your information, whether it’s about a product, a process or human behavior.

Interactive visualisation

Do you experience difficulties in describing your product in its proper context?

Our interactive visualisations use intuitive graphical navigation and provide a unique opportunity to explore different systems and products. An interactive visualisation clarifies information and gives you the opportunity to streamline the communication between you and your customer.


The sky is the limit in a 3D world

By relying on construction files we can effectively create 3D animations matching your need. 3D animations provide the opportunity to visualise your product from the point where it’s still only a prototype, and in the correct environment. New technical solutions and functions hidden by surrounding structures can be made visible.


In a virtual photo studios we can, effectively, create photorealistic images of both products and environments. By importing 3D models and adapting different materials and correct lighting, our product reaches a result that is nearly impossible to distinguish from a real photo.

If you need help to visualise a specific product family, our  production can be partially automated to create a consistent result which can be challenging in traditional photography. No physical product is needed, saving you both time and money.

Real-time graphics

We’re only at the beginning of an exciting journey of developing industrial applications. With real-time graphics, we’re heading for the future. Here are some examples so far:

With Virtual Reality (VR) you can simulate an experience in a 3D world that is rendered for you in real time.

With Augmented Reality (AR) you can create an interactive experience of a real world environment through the camera on your tablet or cellphone.

With Mixed Reality (MR) physical and virtual objects can interact with each other.

Our customers

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