Technical communication

Useful information is clear, accurate and accessible. Ideally, what we are searching for should just be one click away.
The constant progress of technology requires equally updated information.
We create dynamic information, meeting modern requirements for searchable and flexible formats.


Product information

Information is an important part of any product. Good product information creates the foundations for the product to be used correctly throughout its life cycle; from installation/use to repair and service. We have extensive experience in creating quality product information, supporting current requirements & regulations.

We create instructions for safe:

  • Transport
  • Installation
  • Use – Operation
  • Inspection – Maintenance
  • Service – Repair – Aftermarket

Plant & process information

In the process industry, raw materials are processed in a continuous flow of materials. The processing takes place in a number of steps that need to be described. The technical information is often extensive and needs to be clarified for several different target groups, such as visitors, operators or service technicians. We adapt content, structure and format to the needs of the target audience.

Digitalization and UX

The digitalization of technical communication is inevitable. Today’s users rely on ever faster and more specific information. Autotech works with the goal of helping you build a corporate culture where information is a natural part of the user experience. The right information for the right user in the right situation is hard currency and includes parameters that actually can be measured.

In addition to the more traditional outputs, digital information can be extended to interactive solutions such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality or mobile applications. Reusing the information in several digital channels enhances the user experience and adds value.

We work together with you forming a vision of the company’s digital information flow, we define a strategy and continuously develop and evaluate it so you can be sure your company is on the right track and can go further – faster than the competition.

Analysis and strategy

Working with technical information includes many parts: The content is partly governed by regulatory requirements but it also has to be tailored and clarified based on the needs of the recipients.
The right information to the right recipient at the right time requires efficient production tools and functioning work processes with a clear division of responsibilities.
Together with you, we analyze the current situation, identify the challenges and develop a strategic model for the content of the information and the best way from you to your recipients.

Content production

Today's information needs to be smart and modular. Structured management is required to avoid duplicates and the extra work that multiple data sources can cause. Based on your specific needs and requirements, we propose a suitable production method and can offer independent advice on various CCMS or XML solutions.
Our experienced consultants are happy to help you, whether it is structuring, converting or producing content.


Information needs to be accessible and dynamic. Parts of the same content can often be presented through different channels, in different contexts, for different target groups or purposes.
We help you with smart solutions for effective publishing.

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