When documenting software, the difference lies in the details. An extra “space” or a punctuation in the wrong place will disable the written code or command. Describing software in a pedagogical way can present quite an obstacle, that is why we take immense pride in offering this service.

The documentation of the software is often done simultaneously with the coding, simply because the software is the easiest part to manipulate at a later stage of the project. When the project reaches code freeze, the documentation is expected to be finished.
A technical writer working with the documentation of software must be familiar with the software developer’s environment. Scrum sprints needs to be planned, and release notes needs to be interpreted.

Software has traditionally been seen as a complex and close to incomprehensible for the reader. The room for improvement is great. Therefore, when product information is developing more towards visual imagery it is only natural that software is becoming a more prioritized area. Autotech’s tech writers understand this, and when working with software documentation we pride ourselves in delivering a finished product that is easy to grasp, for developers as well as end-users.

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